Staying in a Luxury Treehouse in Charleston, South Carolina

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For our second anniversary, we wanted to do something special without trekking across the world. Enter Bolt Farm Treehouse in Charleston, South Carolina. A luxury treehouse experience I never knew I needed in my life. I had never been to Charleston and this treehouse was the perfect romantic setting to disconnect with the real world for some relaxation.  read more[...]
2019 Travel Trend Predictions | Adventures of a Pilot Wife

2019 Travel Trend Predictions

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A new year means new opportunities to check off destinations on your wanderlust bucket list. It seems like every year there are new hot spot travel destinations. Remember when Iceland was having its moment a few years ago? And doesn’t it seem like everyone has been to Cuba this year!?  Here’s a peak into my predictions for the 2019 travel trends and hottest vacay spots! read more[...]
The Eau Gallie Arts District Visitors Guide | Adventures of a Pilot Wife

Eau Gallie Arts District Travel Guide

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The Eau Gallie Arts District, or EGAD as the locals fondly call it, is a quaint downtown area on the Space Coast. Tucked between Cocoa Beach and Downtown Melbourne, this newly revitalized area is quickly becoming a hot spot. Whether you want to walk around and search for your favorite mural, pop into the thrift shops and art galleries, or bar hop, EGAD has something for you! read more[...]
Why Iceland Wasn't My Favorite Place | Adventures of a Pilot Wife

Why Iceland Wasn’t My Favorite Place

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Unpopular opinion. Iceland wasn’t my favorite place. I know, I know. Before you start taking out your pitchforks, hear me out.  Sure the scenery is beautiful and the topography is unique, but the exorbitant price and volume of people left a bad taste in my mouth.  Should you skip Iceland altogether? Absolutely not. But I’m here to give you a solid dose of reality so you don’t over hype it in your head before you visit. read more[...]
A Unique Bachelorette Party Destination | Adventures of a Pilot Wife

Anna Maria Island: A Unique Bachelorette Party Destination

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When you think of bachelorette party weekends, you probably think of Vegas, Nashville, Savannah, Austin and the like. When my best friend got engaged, and crowned me co-matron of honor, I immediately started planning the bachelorette getaway (because duh). She suggested something low-key like Anna Maria Island on the west coast of Florida.  I live nearby, so I am familiar with the island and all its quirks and agreed that it would be a unique bachelorette party destination. read more[...]
Visiting the Florida Gators ona Myakka Airboat Ride | Adventures of a Pilot Wife

Visiting the Florida Gators on a Myakka Airboat Ride

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When a friend visiting Sarasota proclaimed alligators folklore because he had never seen one in the wild, I hopped in my pink chevy spark and drove him to the swamp, Myakka State Park, for a good old fashioned Myakka Airboat Ride.  Myakka River State Park is about 30 minutes from my home in Sarasota, so it was a quick day trip for us. read more[...]
Staying at the Hotel Kia Ora Resort & Spa in Rangiroa, French Polynesia | Adventures of a Pilot Wife

Staying at the Hotel Kia Ora Resort & Spa in Rangiroa, French Polynesia

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When you think of the French Polynesia, naturally, you think of Bora Bora. Although Bora Bora is obviously beautiful, there are so many other beautiful places in the French Polynesia! Enter Rangiroa. Rangiroa is the second largest atoll in the world. Known for it's diving, there are also beautiful beaches and great non-diving excursions! Here is my experience staying at the Hotel Kia Ora Resort & Spa (Kia Ora Rangiroa) in Rangiroa, French Polynesia. read more[...]