Why Iceland Wasn't My Favorite Place | Adventures of a Pilot Wife

Why Iceland Wasn’t My Favorite Place

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Unpopular opinion. Iceland wasn’t my favorite place. I know, I know. Before you start taking out your pitchforks, hear me out.  Sure the scenery is beautiful and the topography is unique, but the exorbitant price and volume of people left a bad taste in my mouth.  Should you skip Iceland altogether? Absolutely not. But I’m here to give you a solid dose[...]
Visiting the Florida Gators ona Myakka Airboat Ride | Adventures of a Pilot Wife

Visiting the Florida Gators on a Myakka Airboat Ride

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When a friend visiting Sarasota proclaimed alligators folklore because he had never seen one in the wild, I hopped in my pink chevy spark and drove him to the swamp, Myakka State Park, for a good old fashioned Myakka Airboat Ride.  Myakka River State Park is about 30 minutes from my home in Sarasota, so it was a quick day trip for us. read more[...]

An Unbiased Review of Rent the Runway Unlimited Membership (Plus a Need to Know Hack!)

Do you ever wonder how these bloggers seem to have these amazing designer clothes in every photo? Sure, some are just extremely wealthy, and some have sponsors from clothing companies. Most of them find other hacks. Unless you’re one of those thrifty types of people, there is an easier way! Enter Rent the Runway Unlimited. This article breaks down the good[...]